Houston man turns himself in for child support error

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HOUSTON, TX – Paying child support is serious business! If you don’t pay it, you could end up like Clifford Hall.

Hall has agreed to voluntarily surrender himself to the police to serve a six-month sentence due to a child-support withholding clerical error by his former employer.

Hall thought the money taken out of his paychecks, about $530 a month, was going toward his child support over a five month period.

However, the money never got there, and his former employer, AT&T, even admitted to the mistake. Now Hall has repaid the debt plus an additional $1000, but due to state law, he still has to serve jail time. In the end, the state says it’s still the employees’ responsibility to make sure support checks get to the right place.

Now, on Hall’s last night of freedom for the next six months, he wants to make sure no other dads go through this experience.

He paid the money, but it looks like it might be too little too late.