New documentary says fracking is good

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s become a big fracking deal. But Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Energy, wants you to know that hydraulic drilling (a.k.a “fracking”) for natural gas is like striking gold.

Faulkner has just released a documentary called Breaking Free: The Shale Rock Revolution, which seeks to lower the temperature on the debate.

“Obviously I am an executive in the oil and gas industry, and I’m also a guy who has the facts of what’s going on far more than some celebrity from Hollywood… who’s out protesting,” he says.

Faulker says environmentalists have become haters of any energy that’s not renewable, even though natural gas is safe, clean and abundant.

“I think environmentalists love to build a message, and they love to build a message that’s based on fear…and they’ve done a great job, I’ll give it to them that,” he says.

When you google fracking warnings immediately come up. The procedure has raised concerns about water, air, the earth and general public health.  But Faulkner says it is completely safe, and really good for the economy.

He hopes his movie will make the case.