Report says Sandusky investigation delay not politically motivated

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HARRISBURG, PA – When Kathleen Kane was running for the office of Pennsylvania attorney general, she promised to get to the bottom of why the state took so long to investigate, charge, and convict former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky for sexually molesting ten boys for over more than a decade.

Now-Attorney General Kane finally released the much-awaited report that says investigators didn’t drag their feet for political reasons, as many in Pennsylvania suspected.

“This report also shows long periods of inexcusable, and by inexcusable I mean that even the parties involved couldn’t offer an excuse for the delays, and delays that quite honestly are unfathomable to most of us,” Kane told reporters.

Also, the report does not look at how Penn State handled, or mishandled, its Sandusky investigation.

Sandusky will spend the rest of his life in prison, three former Penn State officials are waiting trial on charges they covered up complaints, and Penn State forfeited 112 wins and paid a $60 million fine all because investigators took their good sweet time for reasons people still can’t explain.