With the economy improving, bonuses are back!

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WASHINGTON, DC – We thought they were buried along with the lost ark, or extinct like so many other ancient creatures, but it looks like bonuses are back.

Worldatwork, a nonprofit for human resources professionals, says companies are implementing bonus programs in 2014 more frequently than in the last four years, a sign that the effects of the recession are seemingly receding.

So, tomorrow morning, this is what you’re gonna do: go to your boss’s office and say “excuse me Sir, Madam… or Mike” (you know, there’s a Mike in every company), “I’ve heard that 51% of employers are offering retention bonuses this year, more than double the percentage of 2010.” Wait for his or her reaction and you’ll know right away whether or not you should stay at your current job or start planning to jump ship to more prosperous opportunities.

Employers reportedly see the economy recovering, therefore they feel financially safer to up their bonus programs, freebies and even salaries, the latter of which will most likely grow around 3% this year.

So now you know: with the job market getting better maybe it’s time you got some leverage and started roaring for your perks.