Woman faces life in prison for causing accident while helping ducks

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MONTREAL, QUEBEC – There’s something about innocent ducklings that just makes people want to help.

There’s even a beloved children’s book about it, “Make Way for Ducklings.”

But one Canadian woman who stopped to help a group of ducks may now spend the rest of her life in prison.

Back in 2010, Emma Czornobaj parked her car in the left lane of a Montreal highway to rescue a flock of ducks which had somehow ended up crossing the road.

Just seconds later, a motorcycle carrying 50-year-old Andre Roy and his 16-year-old daughter crashed into the parked car, killing both motorcycle riders.

Almost four years to the day after the deadly accident, Czornobaj has been found guilty of causing the deaths.

The defense argued it was a horrible accident, but it seems the prosecution was looking to make an example of Czornobaj.

Sentencing won’t happen until August, but the 25-year-old faces life in prison.

A tough sentence for a tragic chain of events.