Gay marriage ban overturned in Utah and Indiana

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Everyone knows June is the wedding month; it’s also Pride month and thanks to a federal appeals court striking down a ban on same-sex marriage, Utah and Indiana are jumping on the bridal bandwagon.

“It’s the validation of our relationship and we’ve waited a long time for this,” explained Jake Miller and Craig Bowen who had just married.

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the 14th Amendment “protects the fundamental right to marry, establish a family, raise children and enjoy the full protection of a state’s marital laws.” The ruling sent gay couples in both states racing to tie the knot.

“We’ve been kind of preparing just in case so as soon as we saw it, it was like OK we need to go,” said Kim Miller. Beth White is the Marion County Clerk. She explains the rush to the altar, “If they get a license and don’t act on it right away and a stay is issued, it has no legal effect.”

That’s what’s happened in Utah. The Attorney General has appealed the ruling so same-sex marriage is back on hold for now.

If this sounds like the same song different verse, you’re right but can you blame anyone for wanting to be treated equally? Two-thirds of the Houstonian’s we spoke with were in favor of gay marriage. One-third were against it and believe it’s a sin.

So the fight for same-sex marriage goes on.

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