Man finds stolen ’79 Corvette 33 years later

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The case of a missing corvette has been closed over three decades years later. 33 years to be exact. That’s how long George Talley, of Detroit has been looking for his 1979 Corvette after it was stolen from the street.

“I made a police report, and I haven’t seen it since July of 1981,” says Talley.

George often wondered about the one that got away, until: “I was sitting at home last Friday looking at Judge Mathis, and I get a call from AAA telling me you have a Corvette in Mississippi, come and get it. And, uh… I said, ‘What?'”

Police say a sketchy VIN number helped track down the Vette. And it’s still in pretty good shape.

“I’ve heard it was running, it had 47,000 miles on it, and right now, it’s at the police station in Hattiesburg.”

Now George is working on getting his recovered ride back from Mississippi and permanently parked in his garage.

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