North Korea threatens war over new James Franco and Seth Rogen film

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HOLLYWOOD, CA – Ah, Seth Rogen and James Franco funny friends always keepin’ us entertained.

But from the sounds of it, North Korea is hardly amused by the duo’s latest movie called “The Interview” and here’s why — it’s about assassinating dictator Kim Jong Un.

Rogen and Franco play a talk show host and producer who go to North Korea to interview Kim and the plot thickens when they’re also secretly recruited by the CIA to kill him.

The movie is set to hit big screens in October; but not if North Korea has anything to do with it.

They’ve promised quote “merciless retaliation” if the film is released. Come on, really?!

A North Korean foreign ministry spokesman said releasing the film would be an “act of war.”

Ha! They got the first part right; it’s definitely an “act.” This is Hollywood people, get a grip.

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