The US needs to grow up when it comes to immigration reform

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It’s a major issue; with a minor problem. A lot of minors, kids under 18 coming over the border.

It’s a crisis. Kids without a mom or dad are making a run for Texas. 47,000 so far this year and it could be double that by the end of the year.

Most think coming here will allow them to get amnesty; their wrong! Kind of fitting a communication gap contributed to all this.

But then again how could we expect a poor kid from Guatemala to comprehend what coming here means when Washington can’t comprehend immigration reform.

Both sides are to blame. Look it up; you’ll see stories like this.

This time it feels different though because we’re talking about kids. It’s funny how a complicated issue gets focus when kids are involved.

Think about it; you see grown man coming to America, some of you might think the first reaction is send him back and build a fence. But a 12-year-old?

You gotta wonder how many people in Washington want to be the one responsible for sending a child back to god knows what.

For nearly 30 years they haven’t had the courage to put partisan talk aside on immigration reform – it’s time to grow-up.

And ironically it may be 47,000 kids that force someone you elected to stop acting like a child.

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