Washington 4-year-old helps solve crime

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FERNDALE, WA – An adorable 4-year-old could have been scarred for life after a home invasion last week, but instead, she solved it.

It all started with an alleged invasion while Abby was home with her babysitter.

“Wednesday was the worst day in my life,” she told a local reporter, “the bad guys stole my kitty bank, they stole my iPod… they also stole my Xbox and my Wii.”

As cops launched an investigation, they ended up holding and questioning a neighbor who met the babysitter’s description of who had entered. When Abby caught wind of this, she realized something wasn’t right.

“It [he] wasn’t the right skin color,” she said.

When Abby spoke up, the case started to crack. Police say the 17-year-old babysitter’s story started to crumble and they determined that she had orchestrated the robbery with her boyfriend and another guy.

Long story short, Abby saved the day. And she knows it.

Of her family’s stolen belongs she said: “They got it back because of me being a superhero.”

You go girl!

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