500 is President Obama’s magic number for the week

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BAGHDAD, IRAQ – Okay, so what number do Indianapolis in May, American troops in Iraq, rebel fighters in Syria, and President Obama in the White House all have in common?

Try 500.

Indianapolis is home to the Indianapolis 500, billed as “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.”

Five hundred is also the number of US troops now in Iraq. That number includes around 180 military advisors President Obama sent in to join intelligence analysts and security teams already in-country.

Five hundred is also the number of millions, as in $500 million President Obama wants Congress to give him to train and equip Syrian rebels.

This would open up a second-front in the battle against ISIS fighters in Iraq, and, of course, increase the chances of U.S. weapons falling into ISIS hands.

And 500, give or take, is the number of days since president Obama’s second inauguration, and about the same number of days until someone else gets a chance at “The Greatest Spectacle in Politics.”

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