GoPRO goes public with a bang

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NEW YORK – The company that captured our hearts, by taking us on extreme adventures without leaving our living rooms, is now playing with the bulls and the bears.

On Thursday, GoPRO went public on Wall Street; giving GoPRO enthusiasts the chance to ride the wave and invest in the popular clip-it and go camera company.

GoPRO CEO, Nicholas Woodman, threw up a cowabunga dude sign as he rang the opening bell in celebration of GoPRO’s initial public offering raising $427 million by selling 17.8 million shares at 24 dollars a pop.

“This is proof that when you do right in the world and help the world become a better place and in our case help the world express itself in a way that was never before possible were helping the world learn about itself through shared content, man the payback is that we all get to work at GoPRO,” Woodman said.

That’s right, not a bad gig at all. The “wear it, mount it, love it” folks snapped up 30% of shares on opening day!

Hey, it’s not quite in the same frame as Facebook, their initial trading day stock sold for $45 a share, making $16 billion by the closing bell.

So what do you think? Want a piece of the GoPRO pie? You can find them on the ticker as GPRO!

Hey, looks like GoPRO is ready for their action shot.

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