Man claiming to be from the planet ‘Zoltron’ attacks police car

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MUSKEGON COUNTY, MI – Is he from outer space or just outta his mind?

Sheriff’s from Muskegon County, Michigan had a close encounter of a strange kind and it was all captured on a police dash camera. A man just hurdled himself at full-speed, onto the windshield of the cop cruiser. He’s 20-year-old Calquan Dion Burr and his run-in with the law was brief, but a big smash!

What made the attack even stranger was that shirtless Calquan charged the cop car with a four foot “lug-nut” pipe. After lasers and teasers get pointed at him, Calquan fesses up and tells the cops he’s not from Earth, he’s from planet “Zoltron”. Actually, cops are says he was probably on drugs.

Calquan was arrested and charged with assault and destruction of police property. Now he might never see his home planet again. But not Zoltron, to us he sounds like he’s more from Uranus.

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