Rihanna roots for the wrong team during USA-Germany match

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ririHOUSTON, TX – Got to love some World Cup soccer action by now. Listening to commentators yell. Goooooooaaaaaalllll! That is, except for when Rihanna sings it, or tweets it anyway.

The unofficial World Cup commentator took to Twitter with, pretty much, the play by play on every World Cup game so far.

The pop star’s, obviously, not rooting for team USA.

The twit, tweets about Ghana, Portugal — namely Cristiano Ronaldo, and she blatantly wanted Germany to beat the USA.

We get it, you’re from Barbados. Whoop dee do. You live in America now baby. Cheer for the home team already.

Before the game RiRi posts “let’s go Portugal…let’s go Germany.”

And if that’s not clear enough, after Germany’s game winning goal she writes…”yes Germany.”

Someone please kick some sense into this poor misguided soul before our boys play again. Oh!…and make sure to holler “gooooooaaaaaalllllll” when you do it.

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