Security guard foils art heist at JPMorgan Chase Tower

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HOUSTON, TX – When you hear the word, ‘heist’, what comes to mind? Probably a scene from one of the “Ocean’s” movies.

This is not one of those heists.

“It’s something you would see like on the pink panther show,” said HPD Office Adrian Gaspar.

In fact, this might be one of the lamest heist attempts in history.

It all started downtown at the JPMorgan Chase Tower, just after midnight.

Police get a call about two men trying to break in and steal a painting.

According to police, the wannabe thieves were on their way out of the building when the sound of sirens spooked them.

The men dropped the painting and ran off into the night.

However, with a detailed description in hand, cops spotted the two guys walking down the street, even after one of the suspects tried to change his appearance.

“From a pink shirt that we have on video, he changed his shirt on us, but we had good description and were able to identify them by their facial features,” said Officer Gaspar.

Both men are facing felony theft charges, and have learned a valuable lesson about the “art of the steal.”

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