Woman savagely beats mother while toddler watches

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SALEM, NJ – What looks on video like a typical walk in the park in Salem, NJ, is really the beginning of a mindless, animalistic beat down of a mother while her young child tries desperately to stop it.

Salem police say 25-year-old Latia Harris, savagely attacked the woman Tuesday while as many as a dozen people watched. Some of them took pictures on their cell phones. One video ended up on Facebook.

The video shows the attacker punching and kicking the helpless 27-year-old victim while her 2-year-old son kicks back, trying to stop the beating, something none of the worthless people watching was willing to do.

In the video, the woman identified as Harris is heard threatening to kick the boy in the face, and accusing the victim of spreading rumors about her and her manager at a local McDonald’s. She’s wearing her McDonald’s uniform during the attack.

Police say Harris also threatened to shoot the victim who ended up with numerous cuts, a broken nose, and limited use of her left eye.

Salem police say Harris hasn’t shown up at work since the attack, and the manager isn’t talking. After watching this, he probably knows better than to open his mouth.


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