Baby Cooper laid to rest as parents admit researching child deaths in vehicles

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ATLANTA, GA – The death of 22 month old Cooper Harris, who died of hyperthermia after his father left him strapped in his car seat for seven hours in 90-degree heat, seems a story that can`t possibly get any worse.

And then it does.

According to new search warrants, Cooper`s mom, Leanna Harris, has admitted she also searched online for information about child deaths inside vehicles and what temperature it needs to be for that to occur. Police say Cooper`s father, Justin Ross Harris, admitted to conducting that research. He is behind bars charged with murder and second degree child cruelty. He said he simply forgot his baby in the car.

Mother Leanna announced at Cooper`s funeral that she is not angry with her husband, and she called him a wonderful father. He called into the funeral and, via speaker phone, thanked people for their support.

The death of baby Cooper: Was it an accident or something more sinister? Either way, it’s a heartbreaking tragedy.

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