3 women at Southwest Houston spa charged with prostitution

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HOUSTON, TX – The sign says open but -spoiler alert!- there’s no happy ending for this spa in Southwest Houston. Undercover Harris County Deputy Constables arrested three women at Palm Trees Spa after they allegedly offered to take their massages to a whole new level.

“There was a solicitation done by the ladies that were working at the spa for sex,” said Alan Rosen, Harris County Constable, Precinct 1.

Three ladies of Asian origin will be charged with prostitution.

“Each one of the women that we arrested, basically were operating as sort of independent contractors,” explained Constable Rosen.

Palm Trees Spa, located on 5827 Star Lane, was established in an area populated with body shops and many more places where curvy bodies seem to be a commodity.

“There’s another place right next door,” said a mechanic who works nearby, “and one right here, and they’re probably doing the same thing.”

As far as one less spa around, don’t despair: across the street you can find “Paradise”, where heavenly feelings will make your stress go away.

So the question is: if everybody knows what’s going on in the neighborhood, why did it take so long for a “bust”?

“We have been doing undercover stings at other massage parlors,” said Rosen, “and so I can tell those that are in and around that one: they better look out cause we’re gonna be coming to you next.”