Bruno Mars serenades young fan

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Bruno Mars serenades young fan

CLEVELAND, OH – An 11-year-old girl is still reeling from being serenaded by Bruno Mars at a recent concert.

“It was fantastic,” marvels Zumyah Thorpe.

Her grandparents agree.

“This last year been real hard real hard,” says Alfonza Thorpe.

They say Zumyah was in a car accident last year, which killed her pregnant mother and two of her younger sisters. She was never expected to walk or talk again, but then Bruno Mars’ music made something shift.

“Because it soothed her… it made it easier for her… she’ll sit there and bounce, and do it in song,” says Ronda Thorpe.

The miraculous progress has inspired Zumyah’s grandparents and Bruno Mars himself–so much so, that he serenaded her at a recent Cleveland concert, then gave her a guitar, his hat, a teddy bear and a big ol’ kiss on the cheek.

It’s music to the ears.