California town turns back buses filled with South Texas immigrants

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MURRIETA, CA – The attempt to relocate some of those illegal immigrants from South Texas to California is starting to sound like a collection of Elvis Presley songs.

People in Murrieta, near San Diego, are “All Shook Up.”

More than 100 of them stopped homeland security buses loaded with about 140 Central Americans who flooded into south Texas in recent weeks.

Their main message: “Return to Sender.”

“I am here to have them sent back home,” said one protester.

But counter-protesters confronted the group with their version of “Baby I Don’t Care.”

“We are the ones who build your homes! We are the ones who do your plumbing!”

The buses backed up and headed to another border station. But Murrieta city officials have “Suspicious Minds” because the feds told them to expect 140 immigrants every 3 days.

That means July 4th, Independence Day, is the next attempt to deliver them to the “Promised Land.”

In Dallas, the feds are thinking about putting around 2,000 kids in some of the dozen or so schools closed by the school districts in the county.

That could happen in a few weeks, with Uncle Sam picking up the tab.

It’s pretty clear that the only people with a plan are the families pouring across the South Texas border.

And their plan is to get to the United States, because for them, “It’s Now or Never.”