Canadian law banning spam goes into effect

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Canadian law banning spam goes into effect

OTTAWA, CANADA – The Canadian government is sending a message: Down with spam!

No, not the canned meat product. You know — all those unsolicited messages about Nigerian princes and male enhancements.

Our neighbors to the north are sick of it, so they’re saying sayonara to spam.

The Canadian government recently passed anti-spam legislation requiring businesses to obtain consent before sending emails, texts, and social media messages to consumers.

Violating the law brings a hefty fine of up to $10 million Canadian — about $9 million U.S.

Eliminating spam sounds appealing, but may not be practical.

The law only applies to Canadian businesses, which means the average Canadian will see a whopping two percent decrease in junk emails.

Looks like getting rid of spam might not be so easy after all.