Erykah Badu photobombs NY reporter during live newscast

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Erykah Badu photobombs NY reporter during live newscast

NEW YORK, NY – Apparently reporter Mario Diaz didn’t recognize that his celebrity photobomber in midtown Manhattan was the sultry R&B singer.

It was during a live newscast while Diaz was reporting from the street.

Erykah Badu walks into view and makes a bee-line right to  the reporter with her lips puckered and aimed at his face, not too subtle but trying to sneak in a kiss.

Diaz shoves away Bad, not knowing the identity of his uber-famous interruption.

The video started an online buzz on Twitter when Badu tweeted to Diaz saying, “sorry Mario” and asking what street was he going to be on today!!

All this proves, there’s no telling what can happen in a New York minute.