Houston man shot, killed leaving parole office

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Houston man shot to death while leaving parole office

HOUSTON, TX – A Houston parolee just trying to do his legal duty Tuesday morning was shot dead outside a northwest Houston parole office.

The man had just left a scheduled meeting with his parole officer, Houston Police Sergeant Thaddeus Pool said, when “He came outside and was approached by another male… this male opened fire on him.”

The 43-year-old victim was paroled in 2007.

According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, he was convicted of aggravated robbery and murder in 1994.

Witnesses say the incident didn’t exactly look like a random occurrence.

“He was out here earlier, the gentleman that did the shooting,” Adam Navarro said. “So he was waiting around for somebody.”

Even cops, who’ve seen it all, are puzzled.

“It does appear to be strange, especially with the location being a parole office,” Sgt. Pool said.

Witnesses reported the victim was shot several times and was already dead by the time paramedics arrived — and the scene has other parolees feeling a little uneasy.

“How safe are we to come see our parole officers without any type of protection of our own?” Navarro said.

Understandable concerns while the shooter is still at large.


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