Man breaks into costume shop, dresses up as big yellow bird

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Man breaks into costume shop, dresses up as big yellow bird

KANSAS CITY, MO – Why did the chicken cross the road? In this case, to grab a drink at the bar.

The staff at Cashew Tavern in Kansas City couldn’t help but quickly pluck out their cameras for this bird’s eye view. An unidentified fine-feathered fiend who calls himself dirty dirty was seen just a half hour earlier, smashing the window of the costume shop right next-door. The poultry perpetrator stole a giant yellow coat and feathered hat. Some say he looked like Big Bird and was acting kind of bird brained.

Turns out the man is being treated at a nearby hospital for mental health issues. Luckily he didn’t flap his wings too much when police showed up to arrest him.

His next stop, straight back to the chicken coop.