Shia LaBeouf, Robin Williams seek treatment for alcohol abuse

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Shia LaBeouf and Robin Williams Seek Treatment for Alcohol Abuse

HOLLYWOOD, CA – This decision comes hot on the heels of the actor’s impromptu pick-up game of hobo McDonald’s keep-a-way and his tush slapping cabaret handcuff party in the Big Apple.

Sounds to us like he’s enrolled in a 12-step program and was spotted carrying an AA book for all to see.

Hopefully, it helps “transform” him.

Meanwhile, funnyman, Robin Williams is back in rehab at Hazeldon Addiction Treatment Center in Minnesota.

His rep says he’s not fallen off the wagon but is part of a program to maintain long-term sobriety.

Robin has struggled with addiction for decades. He cold turkeyed cocaine and alcohol in the early 1980s and was sober for 20 years… then fell off the wagon. He went to rehab in 2006.

Lets hope this time he breaks his type-cast pattern.