T-Mobile sued for bogus charges on cell phone bills

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T-Mobile sued for bogus charges on cell phone bills

HOUSTON, TX – Talk, texts, and downloads come at a high price for T-Mobile customers.

The Federal Trade Commission claims T-Mobile ‘crammed’ bogus charges on customers’ bills, $300 million worth, over a four period from 2009 to 2013.

Cramming is when a customer has unexplained and unauthorized charges on their bills.

Apparently T-Mobile has profited 35% – 40% of cramming charges — that’s why they’re being sued by the FTC.

T-Mobile CEO, John Legere calls the FTC complaint “sensationalized, unfounded, and without merit.”

In spite of Legere’s rant, T-mobile has a setup a ‘premium services refund program’ for overcharged customers to submit a claim.