The one name you need to know in soccer: Tim Howard

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howardSALVADOR, BRAZIL – So, as we found out when team USA played in the World Cup’s round of 16, Belgians are good at more than just beer and chocolate!

We lost. All soccer-stats aside, there’s really just one name you need to know in order to participate in water-cooler talk the rest of the week: Tim Howard.

The U.S. may have lost 2-1 in extra-time, but Howard’s record breaking 16-saves in the goal sent this guys name to the top of Twitter feeds and even earned him a few recommendations for other positions, not necessarily on the field.

Howard’s rock-solid defense apparently warrants a position as Secretary of Defense, according to a Wikipedia page, and while President Obama cheered on team USA from D.C., Howard was being nominated to take his position (#TimHowardForPresident).

However, the goalie with the now rockstar staus is staying humble about all the post-game attention. Howard says in an interview, “When you play against top players, sometimes you can play, you can play your utmost and you still get beat.”

The stars did align for one player on the US team, though. The youngest American to ever play a World Cup, 19-year-old Julian Green. It was the first time Green had even touched the ball in a World Cup game, when he scored the only goal our team would put on the board, making him the youngest American to ever score in a World Cup.

Team USA shouldn’t be too hard on themselves for the loss. As far as American team spirit goes, clearly, our Cup runneth over.

Bonus: That one time Tim Howard scored a goal… yes, as a goalie!