Ultimate 4th of July burger featuring a bacon bun

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Ultimate 4th of July Burger Featuring a Bacon Bun

MEMPHIS, TN – It’s pretty much universally understood that everything’s better with bacon, right?

Well one intrepid chef seems to have upped the ante , why simply add bacon, when you can turn something into bacon?!

When firing up the grill this Fourth-of-July weekend, why not toss your burgers on one of these babies, a 100% bacon bun!

The evil genius behind this culinary revelation is Clint Cantwell.

Clint said he was tired of ordering bacon on his burger and only ending up with a few slices.

Guess you could say he sort of over-corrected.

But before you health nuts out there turn your noses up… the bacon bun has some redeeming nutritional qualities:

It’s gluten-free and zero carbs!

Still, we recommend you have it with a side of Tums, unless you want other kinds of fireworks shooting out this weekend.