American are “buttered up”

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HOUSTON- Apparently, Americans *can* believe it’s not butter.  For the third straight year, Americans bought more butter than margarine and in the process shelled out more than 2 billion bucks- that’s according to I-R-I, a market research firm.

That melts down to nearly 23 sticks of butter per person, the highest it’s been since WW II.

If eating 5.5 lbs. of butter a year sounds like a lot consider this… in the 1900’s it was 18 lbs. per person, per year.  No matter how you slice it, that’s a whole lotta butta.

What could cause this boost in butter? Paula Deen and her “butter, butter butter” mantra do play a role. People want their dishes to taste like the celebrity chefs they watch so they use butter.  According to the Houstonians we spoke with, it also tastes better.

But is this butter craze healthy?  We checked in with Dr. Shreela Sharma at the UT School of Public Health.  Her “bread and butter” is nutrition.  Dr. Sharma explains butter isn’t bad, it’s better for you than margarine. “If you do like the regular butter, there is nothing wrong with it. You can just have it in moderation.  It is a better option than margarine, no doubt.”

As usual,  moderation is the key.  Keep that in mind as you “butter up.”