Just in time for a rainy 4th of July, firework sales skyrocket!

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Firework sales soar before a rainy 4th of July

HOUSTON, TX – Let freedom ring and to be safe — go find an umbrella. Just in time for 4th of July, the weather guys are forecasting a hot and humid Independence Day with scattered tropical storms. So, outdoorsy folks, you might wanna have a plan B in case plan A gets soaking wet.

Rain will not stop celebrations, though. With public events downtown and almost everywhere else, patriotism will surely show its sounds and colors over the skies of Houston. It’s illegal for citizens to have or discharge fireworks in the City of Houston. However, due to the rainy conditions, there’s no fireworks ban in Harris County this year.

“It’s really great that we’re selling fireworks this year, because I know we had some drought issues in the past,” said Melissa Herrera-Watts from Texas Outlaw Fireworks. “But it’s great to be in the suburbs because we can blow up any fireworks that we want out here.”

But remember, you, pyro-aficionados: safety should be a top priority.

“First safety tip, of course, is to read all of the instructions on your fireworks,” added Herrera-Watts. “I would not let little kids do fireworks by themselves, and if you have a fire-extinguisher, definitely have it ready.”

That said, go ignite your 4th of July spirit, and have a great parade.