Man spends 8 days in jail for clerical error, gets released

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HOUSTON, TX – How’s a week away from everyday life sound? Like a vacation, right? Not the case for 43-year-old Clifford Hall. We’ll start with the good news.

After spending just over a week behind bars at the Harris County Jail for something he didn’t do, Hall is once again a free man!

A clerical error at Hall’s job landed him on the “dead-beat dad list.” According to the courts, Hall failed to pay the full amount of child support he owed for his 12-year-old son…for months!

It wasn’t really his fault, though. While hall was an employee at AT&T, the person in charge of garnishing his paychecks for child support apparently withheld the incorrect amount.

After exhausting all appeals, Hall finally turned himself in to serve a six-month sentence for failure to pay child support. Hall says it was the only way he could continue to fight for custody of his little boy, who Hall says wants nothing more than to live with his father.

After eight days in jail, a family judge reviewed the case and released Hall. Fortunately, Hall’s started a new career! There’s really just one job he’s focusing on right now, though. That’s being a dad to his little boy.