Texas Tech Cheerleader Not Sorry for Big Game Hunting Pics, Despite Criticism

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Not everyone is cheering over hunting pictures that a Texas Tech cheerleader posted on Facebook.

19-year-old Kendall Jones’ Facebook page features countless pics of her posing with exotic animals, many endangered, that she has hunted in South Africa.

Kendall says she’s been hunting big game since she was 13 and does it for animal conservation not cruelty.

People are outraged and want Facebook to “pull the trigger” and remove her page “for the sake of all animals”. In fact there’s an online petition that has gotten over 100,000 signatures.

However, Facebook isn’t “killing” her page. Facebook doesn’t specify online its stance on hunting photos but says it bans content that contains “self-harm or excessive violence.”

So what do you think about Kendall’s page?

Honestly, I say stop taking shots at her. While some of you might not agree with her lifestyle, she has the right to hunt and she has the right to post pictures. To me these are not nearly as offensive as a woman filming her own abortion and posting it on social media.

But this is a reminder; you have to be careful of everything that you post online. And be prepared to stand before the firing squad of critics.

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