Opponents of Equal Rights Ordinance deliver petition to repeal

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HOUSTON – A group of Houston pastors and community members gathered outside city hall to protest the Equal Rights Ordinance.

No, this is not a repeat from May.

It might feel a little like a sequel to “Groundhog Day,” but over a month after it passed, people are still struggling to come to terms with the ordinance.

“Since the mayor is the mayor of this city, include the city before forcing ordinances that’s not equal for all,” said Max Miller, president of the Baptist Ministers Association of Houston and Vicinity.

The No Unequal Rights Coalition delivered petitions to add a referendum to repeal the ordinance to the ballot in November.

“We’re here today to demonstrate and to show that we have over 50,000 signatures against this ordinance,” Miller said.

Mayor Annise Parker made sure to stick around to offer a response.

“I have every expectation that this is an ordinance that will live in Houston for many years to come and make Houston a better place in which to live,” she said.

With neither side seeming ready to back down, this rights fight is headed for another round.