Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong!

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Think plastic surgery will cost you an arm n’ a leg? Then, please, don’t try the discounted version!

In California, Apryl Brown says cutting plastic surgery corners “literally” cost her both arms, both legs, and both butt cheeks. Apryl nearly lost her life after the one-time cosmetologist, looking for a more supple back-side allowed an acquaintence, offering cheap butt injections at her house, to fill up her backside.

Then, the cost of going cheap became clear.

Apryl says after her injections, “I was in pain, my butt was hard, and I was itching.” What did doctors find when they removed the do-it-yourself-butt-injections? Apryl says bathroom caulk, like the kind you’d find at Home Depot or any other hardware store. That’s what the lady injected into Brown.¬† After 27 surgeries Apryl realized the severity of the fake-silicon situaton. She lost her hands, both feet, and both butt cheeks.

Even scarier, doctors say she’s not alone! More people are bypassing doctors to save money, especially by going online to sites that sell cosmetic fillers like botox at a fraction of the price.

More often than not, it ends up costing patients much more. When a doctor in California removed some of the online-filler from a patient he found some other frightening materials. Glass, or fiberglass! Because people are not designed to accept fiberglass in their system, the patient’s body rejected the material, leaving hard lumps and discoloration.

Buyers beware, because these botched are not pretty. Maybe it’s time we all start feeling a little more beautiful in our own skin.