Where to go for the best Mexican food in Houston

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Where to go for the best Mexican food in Houston

HOUSTON, TX– Live in Houston for even 10 minutes, and you ‘know’ there’s no shortage of Mexican food here! But with all options– Tex-Mex, regional, Mexican seafood, taco trucks — how do you know the best places to go?

You ask the experts! Houstonia writers/food lovers Katharine Shilcutt and Robb Walsh have eaten their way across Houston to come up with the 50 best Mexican restaurants in town.

Included in that list: Caracol (2200 Post Oak), which Walsh calls “probably the best Mexican restaurant in the country” thanks to their strong recipes gathered from all along the Mexican coast. Teotihuacan (1511 Airline) is one of Shilcutt’s favorite places for Tex-Mex. She applauds “the quality and the consistency of their dishes. They’re perfectly executed every single time.”

To see the complete list of the 50 Best Mexican restaurants in town (including taco trucks!), check out this month’s Houstonia.


    • stoschlog39

      Thanks for the tip, Flavio. I can honestly say, in putting this story together, Teotihuacan’s food was some of the best food (Mexican or not) I had had in a long time! I actually took my family back that weekend.

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