Victoria cops buy groceries for needy family

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VICTORIA, TX – Remember the story about Old Mother Hubbard who went to the cupboard to get her dog a bone, only to discover her cupboard was bare?

Well, empty cupboards are not just found in nursery rhymes.

A couple of police officers in Victoria answered a call and discovered a family that had no food in the house.

So, senior officer Bryan Knief and cadet officer Anthony Vacarro went to the local Walmart where they got caught red-handed buying groceries for the family.

Rebecca Vasquez, who took a picture, asked them what they were up to. “They just felt the need that they needed to in the kindness of their hearts to go and buy this family food and I just thought it was awesome,” she said.

Vasquez posted her photo on Facebook and that made the two caring cops instant Internet celebrities and heroes to a community and to one grateful family.

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