New technology featured at Pool Safety Day

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HOUSTON, TX – Butch Cassidy may have laughed at the Sundance Kid when told the kid couldn’t swim, but not being able to swim is no laughing matter, especially when it’s revealed that the state of Texas averages more than 80 accidental drowning deaths each year.

Shane Christ, President of Pool Safety USA, says, “Children are still drowning across the state of Texas. The last three years we’ve led the nation in drownings.”

Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in children under the age of 18 in U.S. and is, also, the number one cause of accidental death of children in 18 states. So when Texsun Pool and Spas put on a Poll Safety Day, they wanted to make the public aware of what can be done to help prevent a child from becoming a statistic.

One of the best ways to prevent a drowning is with a new piece of technology called the “Iswimband.” The device can be worn as a headband or attached to the wrist of someone who is supposed to be in the water. Sensors inside the device send out a Bluetooth signal to an iPad or iPhone sounding an alarm if the person wearing the device gets submerged under water.

“Drownings are known as the silent killer. It’s hard to recognize when a child is drowning. What Iswimband does is make that silent activity an audible actiovity.”

The device has been in development for three year and carries a $99 price tag, but child’s life is priceless.

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