90% of online data collected by NSA is personal, private information

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NSA using facial recognition software to keep tabs on you

NSA phone data collection ruled unconstitutionalWASHINGTON, DC – Sometimes all you need is a pole and a net when you’re out fishing.

Other times, you might need a boat and a bigger net.

If you’re the national security agency, you might use a really big net to go fishing on the net.

Documents stolen by NSA thief Edward Snowden, and obtained by the Washington Post, show that about 90% of what the NSA catches is private information, stuff like baby pictures; electronic medical records; instant messages and emails; and posts on social media sites.

Even selfies get caught up in the NSA net.

Some people were just folks who entered an online chat room monitored by the NSA.

But, the NSA monitored some people because they had direct contact with a target.

And speaking of spying, Churchill College in England opened its files on Major Vasiliy Mitrokhin, a senior archivist for the KGB from 1972 to 1984. That was back in the cold-war days before the Internet.

Mitrokhin had access to hundreds of thousands of files from a world-wide web of spies and intelligence operations.

Good thing Al Gore invented the internet, or we could be speaking Russian today.