Marijuana shortage in Washington; record sales in Colorado

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Marijuana shortage in Washington; record sales in Colorado

SEATTLE, WA – In today’s episode of: High & Dry…

Folks in Washington state are really looking forward to getting high, legally. Problem is, the state’s already drying out.

The state’s Liquor Control Board says Washington’s recreational weed market opens up on July 8th, and knowing pot-heads will come from couches across the state, they’re already anticipating a shortage!

Kinda like Colorado had when they first opened the doors to their pot-shops. Which brings us to the “High” portion of the story.

It’s been six months since Colorado started letting their residents toke up for fun, and boy has the bowl been burning ever since! The state has already collected, ready for this, more than $11-million in marijuana taxes! Money that goes right back into the cannabis-loving community.

One pot shop owner says he sees about 10,000 customers a month, and about 20% of customers are from out of state.

Hear that, Rick Perry? Colorado’s just a hop, skip & a jump away, which means we could be rippin’, I mean, reaping those budding-benefits.