NW Houston Denny’s robbed a third time at gunpoint

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robHOUSTON, TX – If a third time’s a charm, and three strikes you’re out; getaway robbers at this Denny’s have already made a few grand slams.

The Denny’s on FM-1960 and Butte Creek has been robbed for a third time this year. The latest, after 4 in the morning, Sunday.

Harris County Sheriff’s says, a green Nissan Altima pulled up in front and four masked suspects jumped out, ran inside, held up employees and about 12 customers at gunpoint.

Robbers tried, but failed breaking into the safe, but managed to get away with a few off-the-menu items such as cash, wallets and cell phones.
So far, there’s no connection between any of the robberies.

One female says a gunman stepped on her back while she was lying face down on the floor, but cops say no one was seriously hurt.

Security cameras are there; but is that keeping the place from a new rash of to-go orders? Nope.