Summer means outdoor grilling. Here are a few sure-fire tips

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Summer means outdoor grilling. Here are a few sure-fire tips

HOUSTON, TX – Summer’s here and you know what that means, time to fire up the grill for a little back-yard barbecue. But before you declare yourself god of the grill and lay fiery waste to some poor animal who gave his ghost to grace your dinner table, let’s get a brush-up on our grill skills courtesy of the culinary concessionaires at Sur la Table.

“We’re going to make a steak with a riojas sauce and we’re going to do it on an indoor grill,” Resident Chef Amanda Guthrie told us when we stopped by the Town & Country location for a lesson of our own. She also made it clear that there are really only two ways to make a steak: the right way and the wrong way. And it starts with taking your steak out of the fridge and letting it warm to room temperature before putting the spurs to it. “If I’ve got a really cold steak and then I put it on a hot grill,” she explains, “we’ve got a hot surface on the outside, cold on the inside, we’re not going to get even heating all the way through.”

The other secret is knowing when your steak is done without cutting into it and ruining the whole thing. “Once we see droplets of moisture, and that’s little drops, like raindrops, that have push to the surface, we’re at a perfect medium rare.” Covering your steak with foil and letting it rest a few minutes after you take it off the grill is important for keeping it tender.

And before you go all man-cave on us and insist that no one named Amanda could to tell you how to grill better than the way your dad taught you back in 1956, Chew on This: Sur la Table is hosting a series of grilling classes this summer geared toward women. Everything from the basics, to date night.

So guys, why not kick back and let your lady show you her skills behind the grill courtesy of Chef Amanda. After all, they don’t call her the Secretary of Steak for nothing.