White House plays catch-up on immigrant flood by discouraging immigration

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SOUTH TEXAS – Immigrant families and children flooding into South Texas from Central America may not be walking into the open arms of Uncle Sam in quite the way they thought.

And this is especially bad news for the estimated 80,000 children expected to cross the border this year.

That’s more than attend a sold-out Houston Texans game.

President Obama and his administration are coming under increased criticism for the way they’re handling the crisis, and some of it is from his own party.

“Well, again, it would be nice for him to come down to the border. But again, with all due respect, I think he still is one step behind,” said Cong. Henry Cuellar of Texas.

It now appears the White House is trying to catch up by discouraging parents from sending their kids to America. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest flat out said that just because they get here does not mean they get to stay, “The bottom line though is that the law will be enforced. And what that means is it means that these children who have been apprehended will go through the immigration court process. And if they are found to not have a legal basis for remaining in this country they will be returned.”

But the key is to stop them before they get here, and that’s another part of the White House plan.

A slick ad campaign just produced is supposed to show how immigrants from Central American can die in the desert or become victims of coyotes who will take their money and maybe even their lives.

But if these impoverished people come from villages, it raises the question of how they’ll see the television message if they don’t have televisions.