Israel ready to call up 40,000 reservists as violence escalates

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Israel ready to call up 40,000 reservists as violence escalates

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – Islamist militant group Hamas says it fired more than 70 rockets into Israel from Gaza. In turn, Israel sent air strikes to hit about 50 targets, including the homes of militants and Hamas military compounds.

“We retaliated with great restraint, but when the rockets kept going, of course, the first duty of the government is to defend its citizens,” said Meir Shlomo, Consul General of Israel to the Southwest.

A spokesman for Hamas said, “They will suffer the consequences of their action.”

The Israeli cabinet has authorized the military to call up 40,000 reservists in the event of an all-out ground operation.

“There has not been a decision on a ground attack, but we are preparing for the worst,” said Shlomo. “And although we do not want to do it, if Hamas will keep escalating then, as the prime minister said, all option are on the table.”


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