Man arrested for punching, choking pet rabbit

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Man arrested for punching, choking pet rabbit

BOYNTON BEACH, FL – By now we should all know that there’s a zero tolerance for animal cruelty. But some people may have missed the memo.

James Wertz of Boynton Beach, Florida was arrested for allegedly punching and choking his girlfriend’s pet rabbit.

Apparently it all started when he and his girlfriend Dana Jongeward got into an argument about women’s rights.

Things took a very violent turn when Jongeward, who was hiding in her room, heard her two pet rabbits screaming. When she came out, what she saw was far from pretty.

She told cops she could see blood oozing out of the rabbit’s eyes!

Luckily, both bunnies made it out alive — barely.

As for Wertz, he’s being held on a $3,000 bond at a detention center in West Palm Beach for being 10-carrot crazy.

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