Sex and soccer don’t mix for some World Cup teams

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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The World Cup trophy may look like something you’d find in your local neighborhood adult novelty store.

But that’s about as close to sex that some of the teams are gonna get.

According to the blog site Quartz, going without before going on the field is a rule imposed on some of the teams competing for this year’s world cup in Brazil.

The idea being that scoring off the field may keep you from scoring on the field.

Quartz points out, though, that all the teams that banned sex are no longer in the tournament.

For those scoring at home, those teams were the Russians, the Mexicans, the Chileans, and the team from Bosnia-Hertzogovenia.

Brazil is in the running, maybe because team members can have sex as long as it’s not “acrobatic”.

Guess they want to keep their head in the game.

France’s team rule was pretty vague. It all depended on when, how, and how much.

France is out, but at least the team may have had some happy endings before ending their run.

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