South Carolina trooper suspended after Sam Montgomery’s arrest

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South Carolina trooper suspended after Sam Montgomery’s arrest

SOUTH CAROLINA – Sam Montgomery, the defensive end for the Bengals, is fast on, and apparently off the field too. He was allegedly going 89 mph on a South Carolina highway, and his need for speed got him pulled over.

In the video, you can hear the verbal exchange between the trooper and Sam.

Trooper: “You military?”

Sam: “No, NFL.”

Trooper: “NFL?”

Sam: “Yes sir.”

Trooper: “You’re under arrest. Step out, please.”

The arrest seems unjustified, but police say it’s at the trooper’s discretion to arrest someone if the rate of speed is greater than 25 mph above the speed limit. In this case, going 89 mpg in a 55 mph zone qualifies.

While Sam’s speed wasn’t quite on-point, you could say the cop was a little off-point. He tries giving Sam instructions, but makes it seem like he’s teaching him moves to the ‘Macarena’ or something. He even threatened to bust out his taser.

The trooper was suspended after the video surfaced because the South Carolina Highway Patrol says he acted unprofessional during the traffic stop.

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