Your social media accounts are hazardous to your marriage

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Your social media accounts are hazardous to your marriage

HOUSTON, TX – It may now be the number one killer of marriages. The “it”… is social media.

If you’re married and use Facebook, Twitter or any other social media you could be headed for the Big D, and we don’t mean Dallas.

Not one but two studies, from the University of Texas and Boston University found: heavy social media users are twice as likely to think about leaving their spouse.  Although the topics were the same, the UT study was confined to the State of Texas whereas the BU study was national.

The numbers show: the more social media users in a state, the higher the divorce rate. From 2008 to 2010 it was a 2% increase. Neither poll suggested reasons for the heartbreaking link.

So if you’re hitched and want to stay that way forget Facebook, terminate Twitter and eliminate Instagram from your life. If that doesn’t save your marriage take comfort in knowing that people who don’t use social media are 11% happier than the rest of us.

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