Art is good for your brain

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Art is good for your brain

ERLANGEN, GERMANY – There’s no doubt our brains are a work of art but scientists are still trying to figure out exactly how they operate.

New research published in the journal PLOS One suggests picking up a paint brush may actually change your brain.  How’s that for a mind bender?

The study took place in Erlangen, Germany using 14 men and 14 women, ages 62 to 70. Group 1 painted while Group 2 analyzed artwork.

After 10 weeks, doctors picked their brains with MRIs that measure brain activity by detecting changes in blood flow.  When compared to previous tests, the results showed the “painters” had significant brain function improvement while the “critics” had none.  Apparently, analyzing art can be a bit of a brain drain.

Painting had the opposite effect, stimulating areas that deal with cognitive functions like memory, self-monitoring and introspection- things that usually decrease with age.

Scientists aren’t really sure why the group that analyzed had no improvement but if given a choice, your brain will be healthier if you paint someone a picture.

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