Border Crisis: Houston immigrants speak their minds

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Border Crisis: Houston immigrants speak their minds

HOUSTON, TX – Day in and day out, they are shuttled throughout Houston. Whether it’s to go to work, return home, visit a friend or do their groceries, many of those who wait at the bus stop started their journeys long before, so much further away. Their thoughts are with those immigrating to America and Houston in the midst of the border crisis.

“Just like everybody else,” said Claudina Ruiz, “I crossed the Rio Grande. I had a tough time adjusting, initially. But here I am. Now I’m a U.S. citizen.”

They left their countries and their loved-ones in search for a better future, sometimes escaping violence.

“I had to leave El Salvador because of crime, and due to the threats I received,” explained Telma Rojas.

These folks know what it’s like to come to America as undocumented immigrants, overcoming all sorts of harsh conditions along the way. They know what the next generation is up against.

“I believe that it’s inappropriate that parents send their kids to this country on their own, especially with all that’s happening now in Mexico” – said Javier Trejo.

“I came by train,” added Telma, “and I know how difficult it is to be on top of those trains.”

But Claudina had a different point of view: “Children don’t come on their own. That’s a lie. Kids are brought by their parents who live here. They are the ones paying big sums to smugglers.”

Whatever the solutions to the latest immigration crisis are, all these Houstonians – from parts all over – continue their journeys.

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