Galveston County commissioners pass resolution to ban immigrants

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Galveston County commissioners pass resolution to ban immigrants

GALVESTON, TX – The county wants feds to know: illegal immigrants are not welcome here!

It is a bold statement from a diverse locale with a history of attracting immigrants.  But Commissioner Ken Clark brought up the ultimately powerless proposition to “create awareness.”

“We wanted to make a statement that we aren’t okay with the way the federal government is handling it,” he says.

Galveston squeaked the resolution by under the radar. Their 4-1 vote stated “it is not in the county’s or public’s best interest” to house undocumented minors.

It all goes back to the tremendous influx of children coming into the country illegally, and completely on their own. The federal government doesn’t exactly know what to do.

Galveston’s ruling came while all eyes were focused on a similar motion passing in League City.

In the end, both cities admit they haven’t been contacted by the federal government and this move is purely symbolic.

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